Spanish Roleplays 2021

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

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Hi there,

I have been spending some time working on the new Roleplays 2021 for the Spanish Leaving Certificate in June 2021. Needless to say that I really hope we do not find ourselves in the same situation the poor students had to go through this year.

I am going to upload the five Roleplays here both transcripts and audios, as I feel that 5th years students could benefit from learning these during the #lockdown. The way I always teach my students is to learn all five Roleplays before 5th year is over. ¡Cada maestrillo tiene su librillo!

I hope to upload more material and suggestions in the next few months. I strongly feel teachers should openly share and collaborate as much as possible for the benefit of the students. But that’s just me.

Have fun;-)

Roleplay 1Roleplay 2ROLEPLAY 3Roleplay 4Roleplay 5

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