FAQ - Preguntas frecuentes
Aunque si tienes más no dudes en escribirnos ;-)


Step 1- You must first decide whether you are interested in arranging Study Skills Sessions or Spanish.

Step 2- Contact Spaniology either by phone or at spaniology.tailoredlearning@gmail.com. We endeavor to return emails and messages within 24 hours or the same day.

Step 3- Spaniology will require the following information:

  • Name of individual who seeks tuition and school year where applicable.

  • For those seeking Spanish tuition Spaniology also requests that you notify us of language level .

Step 4- Spaniology will organize a consultation to discuss and assess further the student’s tuition needs, as well as to identify their availability to attend sessions. Spaniology will prepare an individualised teaching plan. This initial consultation is free-of-charge, and there is no obligation on the student to sign up for classes at this stage. Spaniology understands that not all students feel suited to private tuition. However, most of us excel when we find the right kind of support.


Please notify Spaniology of any absences (appointments, sports events, holidays, etc.) at your earliest convenience either through WhatsApp, email (spaniology.tailoredlearning@gmail.com) or over the phone (0876548520).

  • Any immediate or unforeseen absence due to illness or inclement weather should be communicated by 10am on the day of the lesson. If the lesson is not cancelled with sufficient notice (by 10am), the student will still be billed for the lesson.

  • Severe Weather: Spaniology will endeavour to follow all weather updates and meteorological advice and will notify clients of any cancellations due to weather. Students will be individually notified, and updates will be posted across all our social media platforms.

  • If a student is a “no call, no show” for 2 weeks in a row, they will forfeit their lesson slot. 

  • If a student finds that they will be unable to attend lessons for more than 4 consecutive weeks they will forfeit their slot unless notice has been provided and alternative arrangements have been made with Spaniology.


At Spaniology we are aware that we are opening our doors at a difficult time and we have put in place a series of measures to ensure the safety of staff and students who attend our service.

  • All classes offer 1:1 attendance so there will never be more than 2 students and the teacher on the premises at the same time.

  • Spaniology operates within a large indoor venue where student and teacher can conduct lessons at a safe distance from each other in line with official public health guidance. For added piece of mind, Spaniology has installed a Perspex divider between student and teacher.

  • Hand sanitizers will be widely available for use by students both at the entrance to the premises and at desks. A fully stocked and sanitised rest room is available for students to use.

  • Students must bring their own writing materials. Shared stationary will not be permitted.

  • Spaniology will carry out temperature checks on all students in accordance with HSE guidelines.

  • While the teacher will always wear a Face Shield , students will be obliged to wear a mask during class

  • Spaniology has a very strict cleaning routine which includes the regular sanitisation of the teaching environment including desks and chairs and the waiting area between classes with high-grade disinfection.

  • Spaniology will endeavour to update COVID-19 measures in accordance with guidance and advice from public health officials, HSE, Department of Health and Department of Education.


Spaniology offers clients two payment options only which are outlined as follows:

Block-Monthly payment: For those who wish to pay per month, clients are expected to make payment on the first lesson of each month. Payments can be made via Bank Transfer, cheque, cash or by debit/credit Card directly at our premises.

Pay per Lesson: For those who prefer pay by the lesson, clients are expected to make payment one week in advance in order to secure the lesson slot the following week.