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From 4th year to 6th year

The Leaving Certificate can be a difficult and stressful time in a young person's life. Here at Spaniology I offer tailor-made, one-on-one tuition for 4th, 5th and 6th year students who either struggle with the Spanish language or who would like to maximise their points and achieve exam success. Spaniology tailors each lesson plan to suit the individual needs of students and to adapt to their unique learning style and approach so that students fully understand the language and go on to achieve exam success. Spaniology targets the core components that will be assessed in the Leaving Cert including oral, aural and written skills and will tailor tuition to help Leaving Cert students who have weaknesses in any or all three of these elements.

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From 1st year to 3rd year

Spaniology offers tailored, one-on-one Spanish language tuition for students between 1st-3rd year. The sessions not only aim to fully support students who struggle with Spanish language learning but provides tuition for students who simply wish to improve their grades and overall confidence with the language. Spaniology will prepare junior cycle students for exam success, targeting all elements of the junior cycle curriculum including oral, aural and written skills. Spaniology will listen and respond to clients’ needs and will design tailor-made lesson plans that will ensure all students reach their full potential while enjoying the benefits of a new language.


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All Levels / All Ages

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish but never felt confident enough to take that first step? Do you wish you could order food like a local in Spain? Are you planning a trip to Latin America and want to learn to confidently converse with locals before you go? Here at Spaniology I offer tailored lessons for adults who wish to learn and improve their Spanish. From absolute beginners to those who wish to advance their Spanish language skills, Spaniology will design and deliver Spanish language lessons to suit all ages, goals and abilities. At Spaniology I do not believe you need a natural flair for language to learn Spanish, just the right technique and approach, tailored to suit your ability as a learner.

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Did you know you can choose to study Spanish outside school?

Is your child interested in studying Spanish for the Leaving Cert but their school does not offer the subject? Is your child looking to maximise their Leaving Cert points by enrolling in an additional subject outside school? Here at Spaniology I offer fully comprehensive tuition for students interested in studying Spanish as an extracurricular subject. In line with curriculum guidelines I offer tailored, one-on-one tuition which prepares students for the Spanish language Leaving Cert exam, harnessing their full potential across all oral, aural and written elements of the assessment. Spaniology guarantees exam success while aiming to foster a love of the Spanish language and of Hispanic culture that will stand to students in their future careers. Contact Spaniology for more information.